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The Ster Kinekor franchise is operated by Silicoade Capital within Zimbabwe. We are focused on providing family friendly entertainment in our three cinema complexes, two in Harare and a third in Bulawayo providing box office movies to the mass market all year round. We release global box office titles at global times in sync with the international movie market and provide a variety of addon services for a comprehensive consumer experience and engagement.


Our Cinemas


Sam Levy's Village

686 Capacity Cinema
• 45 Seater Leather recliner Prestige Cinema
• 3D Cinema, Dolby Digital audio
• Largest cinema seats 245


Joina City Cinema

569 Capacity Cinema
• 28 Seater Leather recliner Prestige Cinema
• Dedicated 59 Seater Kids Cinemas
• Largest cinema seats 209


Bulawayo City Cinema

362 Capacity Cinema
• Flagship Wholesome family Entertainment
• Dolby Digital audio
• Largest cinema seats 120

Our People

The organisation is led by a general manager who oversees global efficiency, operation and profitability for both business units. She is assisted by a team of qualified specialists in Finance, IT and Marketing.

Artboard 1-100

Sequence Charamba

General Manager
Artboard 2-100

Innocent Murisi

Finance & Admin
Artboard 3-100

Nyasha Kadivire

Finance Officer
Artboard 4-100

Elias Jojo

Information Technology
the lady

Pauline Njike

Complex Manager

Blessing Nemaruru

Finance Manager
Artboard 7-100

Rufaro Wadyewhata

Complex Manager
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